Krumm – Evil Twin

RiYL: Alt-J, Garden City Movement, Petite Noir
Recommended Tracks: "Evil Twin", "Minnows", "Morphine", "Unveil"

Hailing from UK’s Leeds University, Krrum releases an unbelievably impressive EP that captures elements of pop, R&B, electronic, and even funk. Upon first listen, Evil Twin surely sounds like a project created from years of craft that only the cleanest and fine-tuned of ears could assemble. To the audience’s surprise, Krrum is only 20 years of age, developing this rich skill from the age of 13. The musicianship exhibited in the album compliments how “age is but a number.”

At the first listen of Krrum’s deep vocals, the audience is automatically sucked into the world of Evil Twin. The phrases sing heavy underneath while the listeners expect the engulfing breath to linger, but instead cuts as curt as snares hit. Harmonies are tastefully paired as falsetto highs and pulling lows, a breathtaking combination. Emotionally driven alongside the rumbling bass, the lyrics are sung as soulfully and alluringly as the guitar licks, exhibited in “Morphine.” Krrum’s voice is refreshing, bringing more depth into each track.

Another interesting characteristic of Evil Twin is the constant use of high pitched samples. These electronic eccentricities shoot a buzzing energy in contrast to the smooth fumbling guitar lines. In the modern trends of music, these computer samples definitely are not a novelty; however, the way Krrum uses them impresses a subtle innovation. Another distinguishing quality is the heavy bass: whether it’s from brass, beats, or synths, this deep-toned atmosphere bathes the audience in pouring substance. The energy does tend to stay constant, projecting a somewhat predictable “mood” for each track. Nevertheless, the EP gives a tangible element that definitely makes the audience want to stay for the entirety.

Evil Twin is bountiful of various goodies: revitalizing beats, invigorating melodies, and a stimulating mix of suave guitars and flighty electronics. During this music era, there aren’t many records that can combine electro, smooth live instruments, and real raw vocals well. The EP is guaranteed to give the audience a fun time, riding emotional rivers flowing in between every lyric. There is no doubt that Krrum’s career already has a swell head start, his music already appearing on Complex, BBC Radio 1, and British Vogue’s 2016 video ad. With the weather warming up, Evil Twin will definitely be part of the sound track to a very cool summer.

Krumm - Evil Twin