Join Radio UTD

DJ trainee applications for the Spring 2022 semester are through January 28th.
Blogger applications are open year-round.

Reasons to Join:

  • Inclusive community of music-minded folk!
  • Brand new albums every week!
  • Virtual and On-Campus events!
  • Resume builder!
  • Respect and admiration from peers!

We’re always looking for new DJs and bloggers!

Each semester, we’re always on the lookout for new DJ/Talk Show trainees! Here are some things to consider in your application:

  • All genres are encouraged, but we do our best to maintain a variety of tunes each semester (ex. If our one and only EDM DJ is graduating the semester you’re applying in, we’ll be extra invested in finding an electronic music trainee). Contact our Programming Director if you’re interested in learning more about what we’re looking for, or if you’re torn between two show/genre concepts. 
  • Since Radio UTD is invested in promoting smaller/local artists, we generally discourage playing artists that have already gotten a larger platform (ex. Mac DeMarco, Tame Impala, etc.). We also aren’t allowed to play artists that have been in the Billboard Top 40.
  • Unfortunately, being a DJ is not a paid job.
  • You must be a student, staff, or faculty member of UTD in order to have a show.
  • No explicit content, but songs with profane and certain indecent material are allowed to be played after 9 PM
  • RadioUTD is committed to fostering an inclusive and respectful environment towards all LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities. If you tolerate or participate in hateful or discriminatory behavior, this is not the organization for you.
  • Ska is highly needed for our station’s mission to pioneer the 7th wave ska revival, have you ever heard of goldfinger? They just did a quarantine live version of “superman” actually not that bad. Did you know ska came before reggae? That’s actually true.

The Trainee Process:

  • Apply using this form (Tip: Write down your stuff in a separate document before submitting so you can reference it later). 
  • After your application is submitted, you’ll receive an email the weekend following the application deadline to sign-up for a remote interview via Microsoft Teams. Interviews are ~ 15 – 30 minutes long. 
  • A couple days after the interviews wrap up, all applicants will receive a notification on whether they were accepted or declined this semester for DJ/Talk Show Training. 
  • The Trainee Process lasts one semester, during which time you will remotely shadow various DJs and learn the ropes of on-air performance and radio programming, and have a 1-hour biweekly test program of your own. 
  • After that semester ends, you can apply to become a 3 hour music show or 1 hour Talk Show in future semesters.

Got it? Good. Here are the applications!

Interested in joining us as an audio tech? We’re looking for qualified audio techs to help us record and mix audio for our weekly Pseudo Stereo video series. Information about applying to be an audio tech can be found here.