In celebration of Independent Venue Week, Lev took over the halls of UTD

“Search Party”

LEV electrified the halls of UTD with her powerful voice as she preformed her raw electro pop bangers. The hooks she’s crafted are sticky like glue, so be prepared to have melodies humming along in your head for days to come. LEV will be highlighted during independent venue week in a new interview series put on by the City of Dallas called Smart Cookies. This new interview series features the city’s most dynamic female talent. You can catch the premier of the series and a fresh performance from LEV on July 11 at Deep Ellum Art Co. starting at 7PM. Her feature is part of an international event, Independent Venue Week, which is spotlighting Deep Ellum Art Co. in our hometown. Check out our coverage of the event on our blog this week and support your local music scene!