Leith Ross @ Granada Theater, 5/28/23

When I finally found a parking spot after scouring the filled lots off Greenville Avenue, I saw over 700 fans waiting in line to see Leith Ross. I knew they had grown in popularity but had no clue they had become so popular. Granada Theater hosted the rising artist alongside opener Ash Tuesday. The crowd began bonding before the concert began; those at the barricade held up photos of various celebrities and the rest of the audience used a chorus of screams and “boos” to announce their verdict. The security guards next to me stated, “This is gonna be a fun show.”

As the screens went up and ash tuesday appeared on stage, the crowd directed their cheers to the Black alternative artist. You could see the excitement spread across her face as she introduced herself to Dallas. She spent so much of her set joking with the audience causing the crowd to have a fun and relaxed time. I had the chance to speak with her after her set and her radiance transcended the stage and into our conversation. She felt encouraged to be unapologetically herself and explained to me how important it is for her to spread her “Black girl magic” to the punk scene. Having a moment like that with the artist showed me just why Ross brought her on tour.

Ross began her set with dim, dark blue lights and a calming melody. A stark difference from the opener’s booming presence. After each song, Ross read out and answered a question written by the fans during the opener. Questions like, “what’s your favorite cereal?” and “what’s your favorite animal?” (its turtles if you’re wondering) allowed for the audience to learn more about the artist. When asked which artist they would like to collaborate with, the singer stated they would love to work on a pop track with Carly Rae Jepsen. With the genres they have experimented with, I would not be surprised to see a more pop-centered project.

Ross made the concert feel like a cozy sleepover. Their tone was calm and peaceful as they poetically told stories of love and heartbreak. They used the crowd’s engagement perfectly to create a bond for the night. The crowd joined in singing the somber lyrics to “I Just Don’t Think That You Like Me That Much Anymore.” Ross clearly understood just how much their fans related to the song. This moment during the concert released any tension that the musicians or fans had, allowing everyone to simply enjoy the show.

The singer mainly performed tracks from their debut album To Learn but also ventured out to her other works such as, my favorite, “Music Box,” in which they incorporated their favorite animal into the lyrics. Throughout their set, the artist explored different genres and moods. As Ross looked out to the hundreds of fans awaiting their next song, you could tell this was a moment they had been waiting for. Leith Ross is a genuine artist, which can be a rare find nowadays. After this performance, all viewers could tell that Ross has gained a massive following that will only continue to grow.