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Flipturn Turned It Up At The Factory


As much as I enjoy shows during the semester, I have a tendency to go to concerts right as we enter break periods. This spring break, it was Flipturn at The Factory in Deep Ellum. As a native Coloradan, the first concert I ever went to in Dallas was Flipturn at the intimate Three Links, also in Deep Ellum, with my friend Olivia; a warm yet exhilarating return to live music amidst the pandemic. Approaching my imminent graduation in a few months, this concert, which I attended with friends Olivia and Maizie, brought my RadioUTD journey full circle. Flipturn’s rise to popularity in just a few years is remarkably impressive, demonstrated by the crowd of tens of hundreds filling up the sold-out Factory. People of all ages constituted the crowd: primarily people in their late 20s, some families with children, and some younger teenagers moshing up front. This was in large part due to their aptitude for touring (6 runs in 3 years, which they fittingly commented on during the show, as self-proclaimed “road warriors”) and their newest banger album, Shadowglow.

Before Flipturn took the stage, the opening band was a huge success with the crowd. Richy Mitch & The Coal Miners, an indie folk band with 17 million monthly Spotify listeners due to their Tik Tok-trending song, “Evergreen”, off their debut album RMCM, were originally from Colorado Springs but now reside in Seattle. Consisting of lead singer Mitch Cutts, guitarist Nic Haughn, drummer Jakob Ervin, and guitarist Jack Shields, the band kicked off their 40-minute set. A gaggle of guys in front of me in the crowd were ecstatic for this band in particular. They twanged so hard that the guitar string snapped on the first song. Luckily, there was a plethora of guitars which Mitch swapped through for every song in the set. The final song, “Lucerne”, was a literal banger as Mitch slammed against the center-stage piano and passionately departed the stage.

Aptly, a huge hanging disco ball spun above the crowd in The Factory, but it wasn’t going to be a sad disco. Flipturn sprinted onto the stage and immediately energized the crowd with blaring lights and powerful chords of “Churches.” Flipturn, a band originally from the independent roots of Jacksonville, Florida, manages to uphold an uncontested energy in their anthemic songs that is only expanded during live shows. The band comprises of lead singer Dillon Basse, bassist Madeline Jarman, guitarist Tristan Duncan, keyboardist Mitch Fountain, and drummer Devon VonBalson. Flipturn had already toured their most recent album, Shadowglow, in 2023, which meant the setlist included an even balance of older hits and newer numbers. Although the band did not directly speak often, they curated a stellar and charismatic stage presence, largely due to Dillon’s unique yet mellifluous voice.

Despite being on the road for the majority of the past year, the band broke out a newly written, unreleased song titled “inner wave.” People in the front of the crowd were headbanging to the tune, people in the back of the crowd were tangoing, a baby rested high on his father’s shoulders, and Devon pulled a spare drum over his head. However, once crowd favorite “August” started, the crowd roared in anticipation, the dancers stopped to record, and the baby was cradled. As Flipturn neared the end of their set, Madelyn stepped up to the mic, thanked the fans, and gave an apt shoutout to International Women’s Day! The band exited the stage after their final song “Space Cowboy,” but only for 75 seconds (a very reasonable and nice encore wait time). Showing their originality, they approached the encore in a fashion I’ve never seen before. Starting with a cover of “Reptilia” by the Strokes, moving into their second unreleased song of the evening “Burnout Days,” they ended with yet another crowd favorite “Nickel.”

If there is one band you NEED to see live, it’s Flipturn with their hair-slanging, light-flashing, heart-pumping shows.


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