Thursday, May 30, 2024

Laetitia Sadier


This wasn’t my first concert at Club Dada, I have very fond memories of this small venue with an odd name. It’s a very lax environment, the people were of all ages, mainly middle-aged and slightly hippie and attractive. It was soothing to see everyone stand around, mainly couples in tandem with singles, all touching a little, swaying to the music.

The opener, Sophia Bolt, gave a soft, impassionate performance. I enjoyed the mellow indie artist I had never heard of before. She had spots of intentional inconsistency in her performance, allowing for a natural yet interesting arrangement. I especially liked her chorus, asynchronous and raw.

The main act, Laetitia Sadier, is a born performer. She is a founding member of one of my favorite bands: Stereolab. An Angelo-French band that is known for their avant-garde dream-pop but considered alternative or indie. She came on a little late but stole the crowd; her soft, boisterous illustrations to each of her songs were oddly dark and crude. She concurrently recorded on her keyboard and played her voice and the synths. It was a very loop-based music, which isn’t unusual for a solo performer, but she leaned heavily on it at times.

Most of her older songs that she had played were noticeably less experimental and had a less jarring chorus. I enjoyed her newer songs, that she mixed in randomly, they seemed far more passionate, and the lyrics were definitely more poetic. The combination of bass, drum programming, and tempo changes was an especially cool watch to see in action.

I was enamored with her mid song dances; she would bend down and imitate some sort of odd alien seaweed. It was strangely complementing and oddly satisfying.

All in all, a very peaceful listen with subdued vocals and an old-timey aesthetic.


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