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3 girls 1 radio show From the ashes of Fruity Jams, 69+ Love Songs, and Comme Des Garcons, girlgenius emerges. It’s not plagiarism of any bestselling, indie supergroup that you might know. Every Friday, Zahra, Maizie, and Angela will bring the best variety of indie rock, electronic, pop, folk and any other miscellaneous genre we feel like.

Fridays from 6 PM – 9 PM

About the DJ:

What we’re playing!

zahra is a senior neuroscience major and the best dj in the universe. she also likes cats.

angela is a senior biomedical engineering major from boulder, colorado. she aspires to become one with jeff probst.

maizie is a junior history major from north carolina. she will continue to dominate the airwaves long after zahra and angela are gone. she is the past, present and future of radioutd.

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