Sunday, July 21, 2024
AudioDHD is a play on the phrase AuDHD, which stands for Autistic and ADHD. AudioDHD will play a variety of music including (broadly) rock, alternative, fusion jazz, art rock, alternative, metalcore, classical, and more. Some weeks will feature themed shows, including discussions of topics including Neurodiversity and music theory.

Streaming Wednesday from 9PM-12AM

About the DJ:

What we’re playing!

Arch is a senior Cognitive Science major and Gender Studies minor here at UTD. They are also involved on campus as the president of oSTEM UTD and the secretary of XAI Diaternity. In their free time, Arch likes to make spreadsheets, play piano, work puzzles, and hang out with their dogs and friends. They also enjoy stealing music from said friends. Speaking of stealing music, Arch is working on an ongoing project called β€˜An Album A Day,’ where they listen to a different album each day. If you would like to submit album suggestions, do so with this link: . Tune in Wednesdays 9pm – midnight to listen to AudioDHD.

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