Pseudo Stereo 2023

This year’s Pseudo Stereo concert had a wonderful turnout for the three acts that came out to UTD. We were happy to collaborate with Strings Attached and have them as our opener. Crowds gathered on a surprisingly nice summer night for t-shirts, boba, CDs, and great music.

Strings Attached came out swinging playing some city pop. They brought out the energy early setting the tone for the rest of the event. I loved that we were able to work with them for this event and I hope that RadioUTD and Strings Attached join forces again soon!

Lipsticker, a product of Strings Attached, began their set with a few covers including “Don’t speak” by No Doubt. Their energy soared through the crowd causes a few fans to start dancing at the Plinth. The group performed some of their originals introducing the crowd to some new songs.

The event ended with Young Dean’s set. His experimental tunes slowed down the concert to a cooling stop. The sun was setting and we had completely run out of t-shirts and boba, allowing for the audience to give their full attention to the artist.

Our Pseudo Stereo concert brought out a swarm of fresh faces to the Plinth. It was a beautiful event to start the semester. We hope to see you all again in our future events, including our Halloween Dance Party October 13th.

Check out the concert below!