Cherry Glazerr – I Don’t Want You Anymore

RiYL: Mannequin Pussy, Japanese Breakfast, Momma, Bleached
Recommended Tracks: “Touched You With My Chaos,” “Golden,” “Soft Like a Flower”

Cherry Glazerr’s Clementine Creevy is no stranger to experimenting, and her September 2023 album I Don’t Want You Anymore is no exception to this. Her latest 2019 album, Stuffed & Ready, features a 1990s-esqe exploration of relationships and sexuality, leaning heavily into grunge and punk. In the four years since, Cherry Glazerr has been playing around with genres a bit more (dipping heavily into 80s synth-pop) and it becomes quite apparent on this album. The wait for this release has been well worth it! 

Starting off strong, track 1 titled “Addicted to Your Love” details the pain of loving someone so much that you lose sight of yourself. This soft acoustic song features the line, “It pinches my heart to be alone with the thought of you.” The haunting lyrics blend well into “Bad Habit,” a synth-heavy piece focused on catching feelings for someone you know is bad for you. Though rather cliche, the lyrics “You are my bad habit” match the album’s theme of toxic love in a memorable way. Rock anthem “Ready For You” describes the all too-common tale of being scared of love someone. My favorite track, “Touched You With My Chaos,” starts off with an angry-sounding Creevy regretting saying “I love you” to someone she never really loved. The raw lyrics “I never wanted love / I get what I deserve and you can catch me if you want” are quite striking. What I love about this song in particular is the switch from hard rock to a lovely violin at the end of the song, perfectly capturing the ever-changing emotions one experiences while in love. 

“Soft Like a Flower” and “Sugar” explore the pain that can come with caring for someone through a grunge lens. These harsh-sounding songs transition to a much softer “Golden” displaying a rather jazz-centered sound. This 80s mood continues into “Wild Times.” With lyrics such as “I said I need you / But you don’t need me” and “You can have all my life’s memories,” Creevy reflects on the pain of unrequited love. The title track “I Don’t Want You Anymore” compares love to a disease, detailing how strong emotions often cloud one’s personality and aspirations. 

In an interview with Alternative Press, Creevy walked the journalists through her writing process for the album, detailing how she took the pandemic as a break— a time to just sit with her thoughts and life experiences. Talking about the growing pains that come with emotionally maturing, I Don’t Want You Anymore was a way of “getting in touch with who you really are” and creating “emotional freedom;” Cherry Glazerr really sets the stage for vulnerability when it comes to love. “Therapeduic” is the word Creevy used to describe the time she spent writing, and that is clearly reflected through the emotional lyrics on every track of the album. Overall, I Don’t Want You Anymore does a wonderful job of highlighting just how easy it is to create unhealthy attachments and habits while discovering the depths of being in love.

Cherry Glazerr - I Don't Want You Anymore