The Touring The End of The World Tour

In The Touring the End of The World Tour, Motionless in White traverse through their latest release: Scoring The End Of The World for one night in Dallas, Texas at The Factory.

The band and friends bring bravado to wake up Dallas from its Sunday snooze and enter an unforgiving metalocalypse. With the help from Alphawolf, After the Burial, and Knocked Loose, The Factory in Deep Ellum turns into a gold rush of hearty riffs and electrifying breakdowns.

The concert series opened up through the ending of September, so luckily for Dallas, we got to catch the acts in their primal beginnings. Thousands of attendants filled The Factory’s corners, rearing the merch lines from the front doors all the way to GA.

The tour curtains opened for Alphawolf, who’s demeanor quickly filled the voids with flashing lights and blaring distortions. Their quick cut rhythms and riff-schemes let the pits loose, welcoming the first thrashers of the night to swing without end. Alphawolf performed songs like: 60cm of Steel, Akadumo, Sub-Zero, to bring nuance and determination to set the ball rolling for what’s to come.

“We don’t know— well, actually, we do know who set all this up. It was someone very, very irresponsible”, Deposits front man Anthony Notarmaso from After the Burial. The band’s metal storm relinquished the Factory, reverberating between the steel beams holding the overlook section together. The venue filled with an aura of hardcore delight. Anthony’s vocals were on par with the sound production; letting the bandmates imitate the growls and scorns effectively. “We came here with one thing in mind and one thing only, and that was to warm you the f*** up!”

If you’re ever unsure of what artist can cause a rile-up as violent as someone from the past time— It’s Knocked Loose. From the front barricade to the glass delectables of the rear bars— nothing stood still as Knocked Loose broke through the seams and performed their blood-thirstiest treats. They opened with: Deep In The Willow, one of their latest singles signaling the meatheads to push through and grow a rage-filled enclave. Knocked Loose didn’t hold back, performing their brutal discography: Mistakes Like Fractures, Billie No Mates, Counting Worms, Belleville. They closed it off with Everything is Quiet Now, tying a bow atop their performance, sensationalizing what’s to come next from the studio.

After a video commentary of the band’s stage rehearsals was premiered, a speedy Sandstorm countdown led the Dallas night to draw closer to its epic conclusion. Motionless in White have been gigging since 2010, and their stage qualities still remain unmatched. They brought a metal twister of fashion and riffing, unleashing their proclivities with nocturnal horror-metal. They were destructive, entranced in Dallas’ energy, unleashing their new music on an unapologetic audience. Chris Motionless and the band gave their all, just as The Factory was doing all night.