The 1975 Hiatus: Still…At Their Very Best (For Now)

If you haven’t gotten your tickets for The 1975 Still… At Their Very Best tour, now is the time. At the recent show in Sacramento on September 26th, band front man Matty Healy proclaimed that they will be taking an indefinite hiatus after this tour. Fans from the show (like TikTok user @amoookesignals recorded the statement: “It’s wonderful you’re all here. After this tour we will be going on an indefinite hiatus of shows. So, it’s wonderful to have you guys with us tonight. Thank you so much.” This was backed by the intro to their debut album “The 1975” off their album The 1975. The hit debut album just celebrated its 10-year anniversary on September the 2nd, coinciding with the rise of 2012/2013 tumblr culture and music coming back into popularity.

The band, going on tour after the most recent release Being Funny in a Foreign Language, with hit songs like “About You,” “Oh Caroline,” and “Looking for Somebody to Love.” The 1975 Still… at Their Very Best tour, shows directly following The 1975 … At Their Very Best tour has been going on since November of 2022, ending on March 24, 2024, at the end of the European leg of the tour, totaling touring for just over 18 months for the band. This follows the recent trend of artists going on mega-tours lasting over 1 year, most notable artists being Taylor Swift and Harry Styles who both had tours that span over 2 years.

While some people on twitter have been comparing the hiatus with the hiatus announcement of One Direction, there isn’t as much cause to worry. In the statement made by Healy, he did say “indefinite hiatus of shows,” having some fans speculating that they will be back. Their Instagram page, which has recently been full of nostalgic promotion of The 1975 debut 10-year anniversary has recently deleted all posts but 5 recent posts promoting the tour. The most recent post being a picture from the Life is Beautiful festival captioned “the only time I feel I might get better is when we are together,” lyrics from “When we are Together,” the final song of the most recent album “Notes on a Conditional Form”.

Now, is there meaning to be drawn from this? Possibly.

Releasing a quote from the final song of the final album after announcing they were going on a hiatus could be a sign. But in a world of Taylor Swift easter eggs there is a distinct possibility of drawing meaning where there is none. Then again, The 1975 have a history of deleting all their social media posts and accounts when preparing to release new music as they have done with past albums, some fans are seeing this as a sign they are releasing more music.

All in all, while there is a hiatus in shows, the band may continue to release more music. Until all is revealed, if you’d like to see The 1975, their north Texas show is at Dickies Arena in Fort Worth on October 9th, and the time to get tickets is now!