What Good is the Warmth of Tanukichan Without the Cold of Winter?

After missing my first Tanukichan concert due to COVID and Tanukichan subsequently missing three years to COVID, I did not think I would be hearing them live any time soon, let alone in such a blessed place as our very own Club Dada on Elm Street, Dallas’ very own 6th street.

Tanukichan is the brain child of musician Hannah van Loon, who made the expensive decision of being born in Oakland, California. This would pay off in the end, however, as they would end up becoming acquainted with co-resident Samira Winter. This is the cost of networking. There would be talks of touring, but something got in the way at the time. A notable aspect of California is it is in the United States, and would end up quarantining in 2020.

Tanukichan stopped all production and Samira Winter moved to solo Soundcloud projects; things were clearly dire, and they stayed that way with no word from them. Until now, obviously! Or else you wouldn’t be reading this. Earlier this year, Tanukichan released their latest album, Gizmo, and Winter released What Kind of Blue Are You? and as kindred spirits do, they began touring together for the release of these in April this year.

On their victory lap back to California, I had the privilege of intercepting them in the crowd of the concert. Winter came in loud with their top songs, and ended sweetly with “mr. on-my-mind,” my favorite of the night. It was like giving a baby shaken-baby syndrome and then rocking them to sleep, and I was here for it. Then, as if to cement a long-term condition, Tanukichan amped up a custom bass and slammed “Hunned Bandz.” In an unforeseen turn of events, Tanukichan played a cover in the middle of the set, but it was the showstopper for me. Creating the world’s first Dido in a Dada occurrence, they would play “Thank You” and it made all the years of waiting worth it.

The song perfectly captured what everyone in the crowd was thinking: We had been stuck inside for so long, but it was okay because we had Tanukichan, and Winter was very good too I’ll say.