Samia Kills Her Freak Out in Deep Ellum

Trees in Dallas isn’t necessarily the largest venue, but its size brings into play a comfortable sort of intimacy, one that both my friend and I were both incredibly excited about, as we were at Trees for one thing and one thing only: Samia. As soon as opening act Tommy Lefroy stepped off the state and the red velvet curtains in front of the main stage closed, there was a shift in the venue’s energy—a spike of sorts, a previously hushed murmur that had turned into this strange hodge-podge of fans and listeners, all there to partake in the new music off an album that many of us had been waiting on for months.

When Samia took to the stage, there was a fierce roar in the audience. In a flowy, translucent blue t-shirt; a short black skirt; and fishnet-style tights, Samia immediately brought a fashion style that represents her music: absolutely killer, all in all, but in an understated way that gave her a certain approachability. Her opening song, “Kill Her Freak Out,” seemed the obvious choice for her Dallas show, with an opening line of “They’re gonna have a baby, I’m thinking ’bout Texas” seeming to win over the entirety of the venue.

While her in-studio music often has a produced edge to it, oftentimes leaning into an overproduced, subtly autotune-heavy sound, Samia live was completely different. Her voice felt more open than usual, and with a high range that manages to remain clear, like in her show-stopping rendition of her number “Breathing Song.” The vulnerability in her voice wasn’t entirely dissimilar to the song’s recording, but to suddenly see Samia herself seemingly unfold before the very eyes of her intimate audience, bearing her very soul for them each, was enough to make my friend cry. (He wasn’t alone.)

The raw power that Samia herself carries oftentimes feels kept back somewhat, hidden behind a floodgate of emotion. To see Samia go through the emotions of her songs, minus the usual audio production, plus her incredibly expressive face, was more than just a concert. It was an unforgettable emotional experience.