100 gecs – 10,000 gecs

RiYL: food house, The Garden, Alice Longyu Gao
Recommended Tracks: “Dumbest Girl Alive,” “Hollywood Baby,” “Doritos & Fritos”

After making the rounds on TikTok during the early stages of the pandemic, many questioned whether or not 100 gecs had any legitimacy within the hyperpop scene beyond the short lived craze that surrounded them. While it seemed as though every other artist was willing to sacrifice creative quality to ride the wave of hyperpop before it faded, 100 gecs didn’t follow suit. Rather, the creative duo has taken nearly four years to release 10,000 gecs; their avoidance of temptation is truly seen on this album.

While 10,000 gecs takes many twists and turns through multiple genres, 100 gecs start their album off with pure intensity. “Dumbest Girl Alive” rocks listeners to their core with gritty guitar riffs, elements of glitchcore, and heart pounding bass. Although the song does not bring much to the table lyrically, lines such as “Put emojis on my grave” and “I’ve got lightning in my veins, walk around like Frankenstien” truly turn the song into a classic produced by the duo. While much more punk than some of their earlier releases, this track perfectly represents 100 gecs and their iconic and unpredictable sound, foreshadowing much of what is to follow on the rest of the album.

“Dumbest Girl Alive” does not stand on its own in terms of intensity. Other tracks such as “Hollywood Baby” and “Doritos & Fritos,” both being singles from the album, bring the same level of intensity if not more. “Hollywood Baby” tackles some of the group’s frustrations with moving to LA to continue their musical success, expressing their frustration with the cost of living, party culture, and their overwhelming fear of failure. All of these topics, however, seem to fade into the background as electric guitar riffs and infectious melodies push most of their lyrical elements into the back of listeners’ minds rather than showcasing them. “Doritos & Fritos,” on the other hand, does not share the same level of artistic writing, but does match the punk elements of the tracks preceding it. This track takes many risks with implementing more glitchcore elements and really playing deeply into their newfound punk sound. The hooks and chorus of the song are absolutely captivating and keep listeners coming back for more and more each time.

Of the most intense on the album, “Billie Knows Jamie” definitely takes the cake. This track uses metal influences and gritty guitar riffs to enhance the intensity, perfectly aligning with Dylan’s wild vocals on the track. 100 gecs knocks it out of the park with the fierceness of their sound, but this song truly brings it to the max.

While other tracks bring the flare, 100 gecs would not be complete without their silly and unpredictable sounds. Part of their cult following comes from the adoration of not quite knowing what to expect from the duo. Songs such as “Frog On The Floor” and “I Got My Tooth Removed” are definitely some of the less serious on the track, but are fan favorites amongst followers of the group. “Frog On The Floor” is a light and airy track that brightens up the album with its tune, a break from some of the previous punk intensity. This track is one anyone can move to and not one to take too seriously. “I Got My Tooth Removed” closely resembles that of the former, but with much more ska influences.

All in all, although this album is not for everyone, there is something for everyone to enjoy. 100 gecs had the odds stacked against them, but even in the face of adversity, they have risen to the occasion once again. The duo has proven that their breakthrough sound is here to stay and is legitimate enough to hold a following beyond their social media craze. I look forward to seeing what gecs has in store for fans in the future and even further throughout their career.

100 gecs – 10,000 gecs
100-gecs-10000-gecs100 gecs is back and better than ever with their new album <i>10,000 gecs</i> since their infamous album <i>1000 gecs</i> released back in 2019. Known for pushing the limits of hyperpop and redefining the genre for many, Laura and Dylan have truly done it again with this release. Taking on a new punk rock sound, 100 gecs combines both headbangers and ridiculous lyrics into some of their best works to date.