You Don’t Know Chill Indie Vibes Like Turnover and Men I Trust Know Chill, Indie Vibes

Renata Zeiguer, Turnover, and Men I Trust filled Canton Hall with simple, indie powered joy on 11/19.

An indie trifecta performed at Canton Hall on this balmy Tuesday night. The first act was Renata Zeiguer, who sweetly sighed above the guitars and drums steady thrum. They had a little off-kilter sound to the set at times that gave it a tone of echoing in a bottle. This resonance and the feeling of them merely jamming together in contentment lent to the cozy atmosphere.

They were playing for each other, watching each other and pushing each other in harmony. Renata had a little shyness while talking, flashing nervous smiles and slight pauses between statements, but in the most endearing way. Her meekness melted away when she lifted her voice into the music, and seemed to feel right at home.

The first main act of the night was Men I trust. A serenely smiling blonde named Emma floated onto the stage with her all guy band, ostensibly the men she trusts. She announced in her breathy voice that it was two of the guitarists first time performing with them. They seemed excited for the night with a nervous, bubbly energy exuding from their smiles and little energetic shuffles. Their music has a very flowing, jazzy vibe with the angelic Emma’s soft, airy voice melding and synchronizing with the rest of the melodies. They even had a cloth on a drum to emphasize the muted staccato sound. The whole band was full of soft smiles and joy through the set as they drifted between upbeat bedroom pop to sexy, breathy jazz rhythms.

The second and last main act of the night was Turnover. There had been these giant colorful, acrylic panels hanging at the back of the stage all night that had prompted my curiosity, but their performance answered all questions as to whether they were theirs. The lights flashed around above and below, reflecting spiral designs in a beautiful combination of light, color, sound, and motion.

The overall effect was a 70’s inspired chill, hippie vibe and the fact that it was an all dude band with the shortest hair chin length was an added bonus. They had a little beachy, but harder hitting rhythm than the two previous bands, cultivating a soundscape of an energetically loose slow dance on a sandy beach under the stars. They gave the impression of atmosphere first, vocals and specifics second since it all melded together in a mushy, bright ball of sound, a different approach than many bands. Though the term gets thrown around a lot, the mood that filled the room was unquestionably chill, indie vibes in its purest concentrated form.