Caravan Palace Lights Up Local Theater With Electro Swing

Caravan Palace shows off their new album and treats fans to the best of the best.

My pardner and I arrived at the Granada Theater 15 minutes early, just to enjoy the cold and rain. This was my first time here, and while I suspect it’ll be a more entertaining venue in about 3 years time, it wasn’t super crowded, which is a definite plus for the dance-inducing sounds of Caravan Palace. With an hour to kill before the single opener began, it was the perfect time to wait in the merch line. Eventually, fellow French DJ Sudie took the stage.

Sudie’s style is an interesting almost psychedelic live DJ mix. If you ever come across her, it probably won’t sound the same as when I heard her. If you’ve ever played the game Hotline Miami, her show evoked a similar atmosphere. The lights were popping off, and the song never really ended. A constant stream of vocals, instrumentals, and electronic beats. She looked like she was in her own world, and you were just taking a ride in the same place of sound.

Something unique about this concert was the amount of openers, Sudie being the only one. It ensured that we got right into business, and Caravan Palace is the main show. The pit was fairly empty during Sudie’s set, but once people realized it was open 一and that there was more dancing room一 it filled up as the night went on.

( Sudie has also done an Interview and Pseudo Stereo session here at RadioUTD. )

This show was all about Caravan Palace’s new album Chronologic, with the best of the old mixing in. Nearly the entire album excepting Waterguns and Ghost made it into the show, and it was a treat to hear. Speaking of treats, Caravan Palace offered more than a few, with fan favorites like Rock It, Star Scat, and Lone Digger filling in between the newer Chronologic songs.

Something that you have to experience for yourself is Victor’s electrifying bari sax solos. Along with lead vocalist Zoe, he takes center stage more often than not, belting out a powerful sax solo whenever he does. His saxophone could always be heard over the electro swing, often a driving force in the sound. I couldn’t help but scream and shout whenever he waltzed up and struck a pose; his vibe was unparalleled.

Zoe and trombonist Antoine took the stage for a swing dance near the end, and by this point the pit was filled with swinging dancing maniacs, myself included. I’d listened to Caravan Palace for the better part of my high school career, but dancing to them live is an experience like no other. It’s kind of funny that I reviewed their album, and then got to see them live. It just proves that if you’re not swinging to them in person, then you’re missing out on the best part.