The Districts

Pennsylvanian indie-rock band performed on campus on the first day of the spring semester

“Nighttime Girls”
“Ordinary Day”

The Districts have come a long way since their debut album Telephone, released in 2012 when the members were just sophomores in high school in Pennsylvania. I was a high schooler myself, listening mostly to folk music, when I caught wind of the band just before the release of their 2015 breakout album A Flourish and a Spoil. Their intricate percussion and guitar work pulled me in to the world of indie rock and I listened to the album over and over again in my car and on my iPod and everywhere I could. Less than a year later, I saw them live at Club Dada and became even more entranced with their incredibly energetic performance. Now, four years and one new album later, the band is on a journey of growth and change, incorporating more members and more sounds into their repertoire. When they came through Dallas on the first day of this semester, we were lucky enough to find time to meet up with the group and convince them to play stripped back. The result is a really interesting blend of rock and acoustic that showcases that even with their changing sound, the band is strong at songwriting and composition. All this being said, I’m just crazy excited that we got to film with one of my favorite bands and I hope y’all enjoy it as much as I did! – Molly Harras, Local Music Director