This sludge metal band revealed a different side to their music on the ATEC steps

“Written In Flesh”
“Woke Up”

Symptoms of this video may include but are not limited to:
A newfound appreciation for sludge and noise music
And sadness.

one upset band by the name of Stomach

To place Stomach in the corner of one genre is far too simplistic thinking. This Denton Texas band forms connections between sludge metal, noise, emo and even dabble on the side of slowcore. Under this umbrella of rock there’s one thing to glue everything together, Melancholy. This feeling is only exemplified on this striped down performance. Deep in the bowels of ATEC, Stomach took a masterfully subdued approach to their 2018 album, Monument. Their brutal abrasiveness was concealed into a restrained tension that looms over each track they perform. The suspense provided not only shows off their songwriting prowess, but also will keep you hooked to every word. Enjoy Stomach. – Jonathan Stewart, DJ