UTD student and folk musician brought his banjo and guitar to the green behind Jonsson to tell stories in the form of songs

“Salt Water River”
“Night Falls Over”

Unlike a lot of folk artists out there, Levees picked up the banjo before the guitar and learned how to play clawhammer, an old folksy style that layers strumming, picking, and a back beat into one melody. And just like this style of playing, Levees’ songwriting does the same, incorporating complex characters into narratives that wind through his songs, adding dimension to the stories as they go. His first release from January of this year follows a tragic man as he loses everything he loves and drinks the rest away as he travels across the country, from the mountains to the deserts. With several EPs and singles in the works, he’s got a lot of music coming your way so drop him a like on Facebook and keep an eye on his Bandcamp. And if you see him around campus, say hi and ask him about his banjo.