A Night of Fun and Good Energy? Sure Sure

A small but positive and energized crowd swayed, bopped and vibed to the upbeat, light tracks of Sawyer and to the intricate, dynamic tunes of Sure Sure on this Friday night in Deep Ellum.

Sawyer entered the stage lookin like a few preppy teens plucked from a private school, but they showed that they were the fun, charming kids you’d want to be friends with once they started playing. The two lady lead singers had melodious tones that synced beautifully and expressed the chemistry between them. Since the other two members were brothers as well the overall chemistry of the foursome radiated through the crowd, which was slightly surprising because of their young appearance. Their sound and energy was very youthful and light, but with a tint of experimentalism. They covered “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” from Tears for Fears and “Shake it Off” by Taylor Swift, but both with a soft, jazzy modification. Their original songs actually had more depth of instrumentation, layering and dynamics, but all their songs made it a wonderful opener experience.

Sure Sure squeezed onto the stage with their four people and probably twenty other instruments. I was very concerned the drummer might lean a little too far and plop right off the side of the stage. They seemed to have no issue though, and their stage presence definitely wasn’t detrimented. During their opening song, they played around with contrast by alternating between sweet, soft lullabies and then loud, intense jams, as well as playing with dynamics by slowly getting quieter and descending to the ground in unison. The harmony between them was also impressive with all the sudden changes and positive energy flowing around the stage.

For one song they led a group dance of putting your arms in the air, looking down at the ground, and then flopping your body in time to the beat. Everyone joined in and had a great time to it catching their contagious energy. Their music contributed to the vibe by having cheery indie rock influenced by 80’s keyboard use and modern rhythms and beats. They tended to lean towards pretty choppy pulses of sound with a lot of tambourine use rather than flowing melodies, and that contributed to their upbeat bops. They finished the night when they said it was their last song and immediately entered the crowd to the merch table, not giving any chance of an encore, but everyone was very amiable and happy with the night’s events.