Luna Luna – For Lovers Only

RiYL: Cuco, Clairo, Gus Dapperton
Recommended Tracks: "For You," "Don't Forget," "Daydreamin"

Luna Luna is a “modern indie band” from Oak Cliff that is gaining traction in the DFW area for their romantic, dreamy sound and involvement in the community. It’s no doubt that Luna Luna is putting in a lot of work, playing house shows, at universities, holding an EP release event, and soon they’ll be opening for Gas Dapperton’s sold out show. For Lovers Only is their debut EP that consolidates everything they’ve put out so far, that gives a really clear picture of who they are.

The EP opens up with “Don’t Forget,” is the perfect introduction for new listeners. It has airy guitar chords, a driving drum beat, smooth bassline, soothing synths, and catchy lyrics. It’s not their most unique track, but it’s execution is skillful, and hooks the listener in.

“For You” is the first Luna Luna song I heard. The DJ opening for Cuco in October last year played it and I managed to shazam it. The bright synths and groovy beat caught my attention, and this is probably one of their best tracks. Despite it’s unique sound, it’s in line with their style, and stays consistent with the rest of the project. It’s impressive just how sonically cohesive they are throughout the EP without being repetitive.

Although most of the songs on the EP had previously been released, “Daydream” is a new track, and it closes the release nicely. It has more of a mariachi influenced sound than the other cuts, including a trumpet solo giving it an almost regal, grand feeling, which is a great note to end on.

They do a good job of making their songs catchy, and it’s not hard to sing along or really just groove out to pretty much any track on this EP. There’s not a single track that is weaker than the rest, and everything sounds very clean. Luna Luna shows a great amount of potential, and I can’t wait to hear a full-length album from them.


Luna Luna - For Lovers Only