Talking Forever

Houston's indie emo band went hard in our studio

“Close to Home”

The morning of their session, Talking Forever loaded up their big yellow karate bus and made the drive up I-45 from their home in Houston to our home in Dallas. Still teeming with inspiration from their first national tour last summer, they put their heart into their performance in our studio, pushing themselves to sing and play to the max up until the last note. Talking Forever is well known in the indie music circles in Houston and friends with Astragal from one of our earlier sessions. When I interviewed them after the set, they had an undeniably fun attitude towards each other and their job while also expressing sincere gratitude for being able to play music like they are. They also have good taste in Vines, so we know we can trust these guys.

Keep a look out for our interview with the band coming soon and if you’re ever in the Houston area, give them a shout out at Walter’s or the DIY venues around the city.