Penny and Sparrow

The Austin folk duo cracked some jokes and played some sad songs for us in the station

“Smitten, Pt. 2”
“There’s a Lot of Us in Here”

Penny and Sparrow are the perfect soundtrack for November with their haunting vocals like the memory of Halloween and the power of their simplicity and quietness like the slow turning of the color of leaves on trees to create beautiful fall landscapes. With this kind of music, then, you might expect Andy and Kyle to be reserved, meditative people in the rest of their lives. Well, you’d be wrong. When they came into the studio, they were cracking jokes, making faces at the camera, and asking how strange they could make their intro to the first song (what we included is only a fraction of what they made up on the spot). Later, they explained that they do have a meditative side to their personalities, but as with all literature, it’s impossible to capture one’s whole self in a single work of art. Or even albums full of art. Each song is a postcard containing a part of their selves when it would take more than a library to capture their whole beings. It’s a dichotomy that I love and that you can experience at one of their live shows. They just finished touring on their new album “Wendigo” but they’ll be back in our city soon. – Molly Harras, Local Music Director

We’d like to dedicate this video to the guy who saw our picture of Penny and Sparrow on Instagram, sped in his car to campus, then burst into our office looking for the band but was, unfortunately, too late to meet them. We’ll give you advance notice next time, dude.

Local Music Director, Folk Ain't a Joke