Action Bronson Has Excellent Banter, and Excellent Recipes

Action Bronson interacted with the crowd a lot, signing copies of his new cookbook, and explaining how to make octopus in an easy bake oven at Southside Music Hall on 10/5/17

Action Bronson at Southside Music Hall on 10/5/17

Before I even begin on this Action Bronson review, it’s good to note that a lot of my memory with this show lies on the crowd interaction. Action Bronson had some of the best banter that I’ve seen of any artist, but without further to do, let’s get into it.

Opening for Action was Mayhem Lauren, who should be no stranger to anyone who had been occasionally tuning into “Fuck That’s Delicious”, Action’s food show. Is this a good time to mention that Action Bronson is a former chef with a cookbook that recently came out? Regardless, Mayhem hopped right out and started going through his songs to a rather cold crowd. The most respectable part about this is that he carried on with the whole thing even though the crowd never really got into it. One man in the crowd kept yelling “What’s good Mayhem!”, and eventually Mayhem noticed him and asked where the Dallas crowd was going to eat that night.

It wasn’t only Mayhem that had food on his mind though, Action came right out of the gate signing copies of his cookbook in between songs. Between each song the same guy yelling from earlier was now yelling “I see you Alchemist!” (Alchemist produces many of Action’s songs, including this show). Action let out a few giggles, but for the most part was signing books, and du-rags (He even signed someone’s pair of Timberlands!). Around this point of time, someone casually tossed a blunt onto the stage, yet Action didn’t notice. Most people were trying to yell at him to let him know, but they couldn’t get it out loud enough. At around the most quiet section of the show, my good friend who we will call “Conner” yells out in a stern voice, “Yo Action, there’s a fuckin’ blunt on stage!”. At this moment Action lowered his mic and put on an extremely cold face. Staring dead at Conner, he said “Where the fuck is the blunt” in a stern voice. After much of the crowd pointed it out to him, he started it up and passed it back to the crowd. At this moment, it was easy to tell that the crowd eased up and was having much more fun.

A decent amount of the show was based around his new album Blue Chips 7000, and his preceding release, Mr. Wonderful. There were a few extra songs on there (sadly, Action had to deliver any Big Body Bes lines that cropped up) but most people were rather happy with the songs that came. Action Bronson is a perfectionist when it comes to his rhymes. He tries his best to deliver every word to every song that he plays live. The reason this is good to note is because he will literally start the verse from the top if he messes it up. At first this was weird to see, but at the end I can really respect the amount of work he puts out to perfect something

Toward the end of the set, I heard someone in the crowd yell “Yo Action, your Chicken Parm was fire!”. This Actually set him off pretty easily. “Of course my chicken parm was fucking fire! Everything in the book is fire.” He shot out. “Even the Octopus. The easy bake oven octopus that anybody could make.” At this point, Action just listed out the instructions on how to cook his Octopus recipe. Since my memory of it isn’t quite perfect, you’ll have to buy the book to really perfect it. He ended his set with the song “Easy Rider”, and afterwards, he did ride his Harley into the sunset (i.e. he left the stage). Many cheered for an encore, but Action just popped out for a moment and tossed the rag that he had used to keep himself dry. A very entertaining show that surprisingly ended super early at 10:15 PM.