Talk Show Sound

This group of friends rocked our studio and made us all laugh in this brand new Pseudo Stereo

“Lonely Electric”

Watching the members of Talk Show Sound joke around and make up hilarious songs on the spot, you might not expect to see them then sober up and pound out some intense, heartfelt songs meditating on relationships and our environment. Yet, here they are in all their duality. Though the technical difficulties and the sound checks and the loading and unloading, they stuck with us with a smile on their face and the product is one of our best sessions yet. Talk Show Sound is the project of UTD’s own Ruben Luna featuring the help of his friends, including our friend Tyler Hormell and KVRX’s DJ Evan Stack. And if Ruben and Tyler seem familiar, it’s probably because you’ve seen our session with Future Nest, one of their other music projects. These guys are at the heart of a considerable networks of musicians and bands producing music you can’t miss. To get a start on exploring this network, check out Talk Show Sound’s bandcamp or say hi to him if you pass him on campus.