Jon Bellion at South Side Ballroom was a fun, energized show from start to finish. There are some concerts where you can tell the crowd is there more for the event itself where the music is a nice addition to the experience, but you could tell that this crowd was there for the music. During the opener, Blaque Keyz, the crowd considerately gave him some appreciation. He was a pretty solid rapper that wasn’t too rough for a more alternative hip hop crowd.

Jon Bellion came out after about a twenty intermission, and the crowd and him immediately started pumping up each other’s energy. Travis Mendes gave excellent supporting vocals as well throughout and aided in pumping up the crowd. Bellion gave a humble speech after one song, saying how grateful he was to be there with all of the crowd especially since last time he was in Dallas there were only 175 people.

Bellion pulled out a lot of different styles within his set to avoid being stagnant. He threw in a splash of salsa for “Guillotine,” gave a melodic, piano rendition of “Human,” for which he dedicated to a paralyzed friend, some hard hitting rock at the end of “iRobot,” and his classic hip hop, semi-rap style with an alternative twist throughout.

The visual display added interest as well. He had a big screen behind him that added a different texture of feeling to some of his songs. For example during “Run Wild” it showed anime scenes, giving some quirkiness, during “80’s Films” had clips from 80’s movies, boosting the nostalgia factor, and during “Hand of God” had satellite images and clips of the universe that made the song feel more meaningful.

Also mid “Hand of God” Bellion paused and gave a monologue about acceptance and love, preaching “the president is not gonna change this nation, the youth is gonna change this nation,” and asked everyone to show love to all because “we do everything we do to feel loved.”

He left the stage after this song but came back after a few minutes for an encore of “Jim Morrison” where he faked a jump for crowd surfing, but his keyboardist did leap onto the crowd at the end of the song for an exciting finish to the night.