On the Verge of Being

Dallas native and UTD student perform in front of the Fog Log in the newest Local Music Session

“Opus 14”

This session was years in the making, beginning when Sophia Rana, the frontwoman of On the Verge of Being, started writing songs in middle school and ending just a few hours before we filmed when she and Justin Mills, her friend and UTD student, sat down with their guitar and banjo to figure out how these songs could translate to acoustic. Between these times, Sophia kept writing, making friends, writing with these friends, and eventually got everyone together to record her album Dallas before she left Texas for college in Chicago. The band’s sound has changed a lot between the album recording, their short run of shows last summer, and what we’re releasing here. I feel like this is reflective of the people behind the sound as so much has happened in that time frame and everyone who pitched in to make the album is in a new place now. And maybe the change in lighting in the session is reflective of that too; it’s definitely not reflective of how much we underestimated the time it takes for the sun to set. If you like what you hear here, check them out on Bandcamp and everywhere else you can find music online.