We're back with another UTD band for a beautiful session under the magnolia trees

“Snapchat Best Friend”
“bbys dont know they r just bbys”

Walking into my show last April, I was thinking about the beautiful magnolia trees in bloom just outside the radio station and, as if sent from the cranes above, Ivy and Kyle appeared before me with their electric guitars and beautiful voices and friend Zane with a sick synth. While this is Kyle’s first venture on the performance side of music, Ivy is well known in the Dallas scene as the lead singer of Field Guide, whose latest album made our Best Albums of 2016 list. For this project, Ivy and Kyle pairĀ their lofi bedroom vibes with observations about people and the world we live in. You can find Hatboys on Bandcamp or in and around the student media suiteĀ in the SU.