Future Nest

This UTD band played a cool dream pop session in the studio for us

“Less Of Me Slipping”

Merriam-Webster defines Future Nest as “apocalypse pop for the chicken soup soul”, and no definition has ever been more accurate, or incorrectly credited. Regardless, the very first time I ever laid my ears on Tyler Hormell’s indie rock project Future Nest, dating back to 2015, I was enraptured. Accompanied by his long-time artistic friends Ruben Luna and Matthew DeVoll, they brought an undeniable energy and polished sound that our studio too rarely sees. If you’re looking for any live music sessions to binge this summer, you better make damn sure that it’s this one. If you’re looking for any albums to binge this summer, you better keep all eyes out for Future Nest’s sophomore album I Could Feel Heaven’s Weight, out July 14th. – Dawood Nadurath, Music Director