Unenthused and Underwhelmed: Vince Staples Couldn’t Bring the Heat to Dallas

Southside Ballroom on 4/7/17 was filled with excited fans for the hip-hop artist Vince Staples, but Staples couldn't match the energy with a lackluster, seemingly rushed performance.

Vince Staples @ Southside Ballroom, 4/7/17

The Vince staples show was set to start at 8:30pm, and, as with normal hip hop shows, anticipating a long wait before Vince staples finally hit the stage. Given the energy Vince Staples music, it’s expected to have a crowd to match and the capacity indicated so. The lights finally went down and the opener came out on stage.

Everyone gathered and pushed a bit closer to the stage. Kilo Kish opened, but after one song she exited the stage. To everyone’s surprise within minutes Vince was on stage. He was wearing a hoodie and jeans – very casual. He didn’t address the crowd and went straight into his first song, lacking in enthusiasm. He continued to perform song after song, not stopping to address the crowd at all between songs, but the crowds bounced with the hype of the musical performance.

It was obvious Vince wasn’t feeling the show and was rushing through his set. Even with a mosh pit formed and a fan with light-up shoes hoisted above them inĀ  crowd surf, Vince did not comment on his wilding fans and stared blankly into the crowd as they all cheered and continued to turn up.

The visuals on the screens behind him were enchanting and mesmerizing as various aquatic lifeforms floated from screen to screen. After performing more songs from his new album The Life Aquatic, Vince exited the stage with no word. The first couple beats of “Blue Suede” began to play and the crowd cheered wildly knowing what’s to come. The crowd took it a step up with everyone jumping, dancing, and singing along to every lyric. The song ended, everyone simmering down, and Vince yet again exited the stage. He came back on to perform one of his slower songs and we all continued to sway and head bob along.

One final exit of the stage and the lights came on. The concert was over? At 11:20pm the concert came to an unexpected and abrupt end. Considering the energy the crowd was putting forth it was confusing to experience Vince Staples this way, and in a sense the show was a total flop. It was more of a rushed dress rehearsal than anything.