Local Music News 11/27/2016

Fall break is wrapping up, but we’ve got some good local tunes to keep you going until the next break rolls around. We’ll see you after finals with plenty to celebrate.

New Releases

Thin Skin/Flesh Narc — Split
Genre: Punk/Experimental
RIYL: Bikini Kill, Guerilla Toss, Problem Dogg

Thin Skin brings noisy punk to the table, with loud, spirited vocals that are equal parts chaotic and charming. It’s extremely fun, but the lyrics aren’t without purpose. Not a single song on their half of the split clocks in at over two minutes, but they pack in fifteen tracks, so you’ve got plenty to love. Flesh Narc takes the split in a more experimental direction, with dissonant instrumentation and tons of time changes. The vocals get pretty wild, and, really, so does everything else. Fans of chaotic experimental music will eat it up, but their cacophonous sound might not win everybody over. Either way, there’s no denying the technical skill behind each of the songs.

Stream the split here.

Innards — I’ve Lost Everything (Remastered)
Genre: Screamo
RIYL: Two Knights, The Reptilian, The Caution Children

I’ve Lost Everything was initially released in 2012, but was recently remastered. The original mastering wasn’t much of an issue to most– the record got a vinyl release on Count Your Lucky Stars– but this new version sounds warmer overall, with more focus on the guitar and a subtle new energy to the vocals. The tracks still stand up musically, of course. The mathy guitars and fervent vocals speak to those who seek out raw emotionality in music. This release is a good reminder of why Innards is such a beloved gem in the North Texas DIY scene.

Stream the remastered I’ve Lost Everything here.

Props to Michael Briggs of Civil Audio, who recorded, mixed, and mastered both of this week’s releases.

Upcoming Shows
Local artists are bold

11/30     Nothing, True Widow, Narrow Head
@ Club Dada     Shoegaze

12/2     Pope, Hovvdy, Mimisiku
@ Gatsby’s Mansion     Noise Pop/Punk

12/9     Soft Kill, All Your Sisters, Garden of Mary, Aztec Death, DJ Matt Haag
@ RBC     Post Punk

12/10     Sexual Jeremy, The Daisy Chain Reaction, Avery Boner, Genghis Grill
@ Glorp Studios     Punk/Experimental

12/11     Born Snapped, Soy Babies, Sexual Jeremy, SSTD
@ Texas Theater     Punk/Experimental


Join us on December 8 in the Art Barn for a night of dancing with local DJs Booty Fade and Junk Food, plus food and prizes! More info here.