Tycho has been known for their blissed-out tracks, integrating guitar, ambient synthesizer and progressive percussion, to culminate the well-branded and artfully executed band. The now four-piece outfit are on tour in support of the new album, Epoch, which welcomed a day-of-release special show event at The Bomb Factory.

The man behind the music, Scott Hansen, meticulously set up the stage, after the intricate and forward house set from Heathered Pearls, and the loud and trappy set from Big Wild. The crowd size had reached a manageable density but quickly thickened to a steady horde towards the front in anticipation for the ambient rock stars.

The live performance was masterfully equalized, boasting a fully sound and a well rounded curation of songs spanning from all four album releases. For instance, the third track performed, “PBS,” from Tycho’s first LP, Past Is Prologue, was a well recognized melody that perked fans to sway, while newer songs such as “Horizon” gained the curiosity of the crowd’s entirety with infectious movement to a firm rhythm.

The colorful branding and minimalist design that encompasses ‘new-era’ Tycho has an affirmed consistency between albums Awake and Epoch, conjuring crisper sounding tracks, particularly in drum instrumentation. Songs like “Glider” or “Dye” showcase this where drummer Rory O’Connor deserve fair compensation for his time during the performance.

Most impressive of Tycho’s Division Tour as it hit Dallas was the attention to detail on the lights, projections and overall color display. At times, the band present on stage, cloaked by a thin film of fog, radiated sepia-motifs to match the backdrop – which also featured washed-out videos of complacent imagery in slow motion – blurring the visual image of what was real and what was projected. An articulate eye was used for vibrant color splashed over each band member as well as the audience, truest in every solid color, and yet, blended like refracted light struck through a prism, creating a purely inventive and celestial display.

Tycho’s album Epoch released 9/30/16 via Ghostly Intl. Check out the fantastic photos from the event below.

Heathered Pearls during his opening set at Bomb Factory.
Heathered Pearls opening the night with a deep house set – photo by Demir Candas
The massive backdrop landscaped beautiful desert hills in anticipation for Tycho's arrival on stage.
The massive backdrop landscaped beautiful desert hills in anticipation for Tycho – photo by Kyle Campbell
Scott Hansen stepping away from the synths and onto the guitar – photo by Kyle Campbell
Rory O'Connor on drums - photo by Kyle Campbell
Rory O’Connor on drums – photo by Kyle Campbell
photo by Kyle Campbell
photo by Kyle Campbell
photo by Kyle Campbell
photo by Demir Candas
photo by Demir Candas