The Snakehips Hype Train

The UK producer duo land on US soil for the second time, setting off RBC on 10/26/16 with renown singles and trap-infused bangers

RBC was nearly packed with the youth of Dallas, anticipating the breakout producer duo, Snakehips, to liven up the Wednesday evening.

Oliver Lee and James Carter comprise the electronic artistry behind Snakehips’ heavy songs, lyrically emote songs of love, the club scene, getting high and getting drunk – something the listeners can all relate and love – and musically driving heavy rhythms and electric melodies. RBC was no doubt attune to acts such as this and the sound engineers nearly nailed the balance of sounds for most intricacies to be heard. With the standing floor full, the bass resonated from overhead to the ears and chests of the audience as Snakehips cued the first track.

An intro into “Forever Pt. II” was just the type of track to get familiar fans down, while lesser acclimated listeners perked up and joined the bounce. Various known tracks from admiral producers such as Falcons, Mura Masa, Louis the Child, Kaytranada (throwing down the forever live “LITE SPOTS” ‚ô•)and more were woven into the mix to keep the balance between hip-hop, trap, electronic, and eclectic sound in check as well as a-tip-of-the-hat to their greatness. Falcon’s “Cell” sported the all too known Missy Elliot sample of “Beep Me 911” and for that was thrown immediately after the opening track to keep the attitude going. The rest was a mix of various singles, trap-lord EDM favorites and a few throwbacks intermixed for a lengthy set that lit up the crowd. Overall, one word comes to mind: hype.

The crowd rocked in large sways to originals such as “Days With U,” “MAKE IT,” “Gone” and more. The more part would be their just as popular remixes of the Weeknd (“Wanderlust”), Wild Belle (“It’s Too Late“), Raury (“Cigarette Song”) and Flight Facilities (“Heart Attack”).

For simplicity’s sake, Snakehips brought the game with dozens of high-energy tracks to fuel the fire and the crowd just kept going. Each transition was an eager stall in motion just yearning to jump onto the next dense beat; the audience had smiles and quite evident content on their faces with the level of music brought forth.

It wouldn’t be a Snakehips success story, also, if they didn’t end on their pop hit “All My Friends.” The R&B tones of Tinashe echoed from the voices of the crowd as they sung in unison. Every lyric was known, practically, and was proven when the duo silenced the mix and RBC was filled with just singing voices.

With that and a few more closing tracks, Snakehips thanked Dallas graciously. Sending¬† mutually good vibes, the audience cheered for a final send off. Dallas turned out to be an apt spot to start their North American tour. It doesn’t even matter it was a Wednesday.

Snakehips LED sign of the future
The iconic type made its way into the live production setup with a proud and vibrant array of color combinations