Cut Shutters – It Will Make Sense For Now

Cut Shutters - It Will Make Sense For Now EP album cover

Noise projects can get monotonous once the novelty of spontaneity and static rather than melody wears off. Cut Shutters, from Denton, have a refreshing approach to noise with It Will Make Sense For Now, a refined collage of sound that feels both impulsive and purposeful. Every sound feels intentional and right while maintaining the capriciousness that makes noise projects something different. It Will Make Sense For Now is dynamic in volume, tempo, and tone, so there’s no getting bored or waiting for an end.

The textures in It Will Make Sense For Now sound richly percussive and organic, offering a wider variety of tones and emotion than static and square waves. It’s easy to imagine where the sounds were collected when you hear them. The depth of tone is reminiscent of works by Amon Tobin; often dark and expansive, always vivid and atmospheric.

The release as a whole is immersive and transportive. Each piece offers a different aural experience. All four tracks will make you think. “Exorcise” feels like fast-forwarding a tape then tiptoeing back, pushing and pulling you along. “Put to Sleep” is sweeter and cascading, like a smoothed-out Jefre Cantu-Ledesma track. The final track gives off industrial dance vibes sandwiched between various forms of chaos.

For those looking for experiences in sound, I recommend It Will Make Sense For Now. Try for a go through the whole album; listen with your headphones, and listen well.