Local Music News 3/8/2016

More fantastic shows, local music, and news brought to you by the Dallas lovers at Radio UTD.

Dallas is a great place to be during March, with so many bands passing through on their way to the many festivals that pop up across the state. Not making a SXSW trip this year? No worries, there’s plenty to do in DFW if a visit to Austin isn’t on your calendar. Check out 35 Denton and Spillover for your festival fix, or one of the many local shows listed below.

New Releases

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 3.13.46 PMWiving — Wiving

A summary of the following review: “Like if Pinkish Black had a female vocalist and made marginally happier music.”

Husband and wife duo Wiving’s SoundCloud page describes the new Denton band as “Psychedelic Goth // Stargaze.” These are words I like to hear. Citing influences from Swans to Burzum to The Legendary Pink Dots, Wiving has come out with an album that is somehow bright and also goth, with a focus on funky post-punk synth bits and atmospheric, fluid vocals. You could dance to songs like “Artemis” and “Brew” — they’re fun and interesting, while filling a need for dark expansiveness and experimentation. It’s a dark album for happy days. I’m excited to see where this debut album takes Wiving and DFW’s growing post-punk scene.

Stream Wiving here.

RIYL: Pinkish Black, Chelsea Wolfe

Genre: Post-Punk

The Happy Alright — Vacancies

Vacancies is a refreshing pop punk release. It’s emo-leaning with some heaviness, and it’s far from being some sort of The Story So Far-worship album. The four-piece has focused their sound significantly even since last year’s release of Esperando. They’re heading in a direction all their own, with smart, diverse lyrics (no bitter “I hate my girlfriend” songs here), thematic cohesion, and lots of confidence and drive. This EP is their most collaborative release so far, and draws from their personal growth and always-expanding list of influences. “Throwing Darts” and “Parking Garage” combine a heavy edge with anthemic, emotional melodies that make me nostalgic for my early-2010s Warped Tour days. These songs balance familiarity and freshness in the best way. Vacancies leaves me believing that The Happy Alright’s music is really going to stick with people.

Stream Vacancies here.

RIYL: The Wonder Years, Audio Recording Club

Genre: Pop Punk

Upcoming Shows 3/8 – 3/22

 Local artists are orange. Click links to see the Facebook events for more info.

3/8     Future Death, Bighand//Bigknife,BATHHØUSE

@ Rubber Gloves     Experimental/Stoner Metal

3/8     Sixbrewbantha, Mouthbreather, Pavel Chekov, Pissed Grave, TBA

@ 1919 Hemphill     Punk/Grindcore

3/8     Jitters, Yells At Eels, Sexual Jeremy, Monk Children

@ Spinster Records     Experimental

3/9     Emily Davis, Christian Medrano, Heavy Boots

@ Rubber Gloves     Folk Punk

3/11     Bighand//Bigknife, Boat Drinks, The County Lines, Wolfs, Vile and Devoid

@ Sprockets Bicycle and Coffee Shop    Various Genres

3/12     Glasir, Exit Glaciers, Robert Cody Maxwell, Wesley Jensen, Bashe, Leoncarlo

@ Pink Cactus House     Various Genres

3/15     Palm, Sexual Jeremy, Warehouse, Future Self, I Am Clark Kent

@ Gatsby’s Mansion     Indie Rock/Experimental

3/15     Lysol, Slav, Wrung, Clear Acid, Laughter

@ 1912 Club     Punk

3/20     Kal Marks, Left and Right, The Happy Alright

@ Gatsby’s Mansion     Indie Rock/Pop Punk

Radio UTD Presents

12809927_10208763911840196_601564626_oOur first local music showcase, featuring Blush, Lomelda, and Field Guide, fronted by Radio UTD’s own Ivy Moretti

March 23, 2016