Local Music News 3/22

Updates on some of DFW's best albums and coolest shows.

Hopefully, you’ve survived the local musical barrage March had to offer with 35 Denton and Spillover. While these local festivals brought in tons of new music to the greater Dallas area, their unfortunate end doesn’t mark the end of local music’s fire throughout the metroplex. Tons of local bands are releasing new music this Spring and dozens of great shows are happening in coming months. Don’t know where to start? Start the jams off with us at RadioUTD’s “Local Music Show” March 23rd.

New Releases

narrow head

Narrow Head — Satisfaction

Taking cues from 90s alternative bands, shoegaze, and the local hardcore scene, Narrow Head’s debut LP Satisfaction is a gratifying record. Even while the genre seems to be at another high point, heavier shoegaze releases don’t come around as often as their lighter, more delicate counterparts. The vocals have an interesting sharpness that cut through the distortion more than other artists in the same vein, whose vocals often blend in among the guitar effects. Songs like “Paranoid Hands” carry the fast-paced aggression of hardcore while “Stay” feels lush and smooth. Narrow Head manages to create their own voice in a sea of bands doing similar things, and it’s refreshing.

Stream Satisfaction here.

Genre: Shoegaze, Punk
RIYL: DIIV, Nothing


Chokey – Self-Titled

If you ever wondered if sludge metal and emo could play nicely together, Chokey is here to show you that they can. This brand new Denton two-piece debuts with an EP that perfectly balances gritty guitar tone and heavy riffs with emotive, airy melodies. Right when you think a guitar line is getting pretty twinkly, they sludge it out. The vocals come through with more aggression than you might have come to expect from Parker Lawson, who is well known for expressive vocals in emo bands like Two Knights and Mimisiku. Chokey has a sound that’s new and worth exploring. This isn’t a cheesy stoner metal-esque band that’s directly ripping off Electric Wizard, nor is it an emo band that’s pure Kinsella worship. Chokey is something perfectly in between, and that’s something worth celebrating. There’s also a Dixie Chicks cover, which you probably didn’t know you wanted, but it’s lots of fun.

Stream Chokey here.

Genre: Sludge Metal
RIYL: Cloakroom, Torche, Nothing

Upcoming Shows 3/22 – 4/5
 Local artists are orange. Click links to see the Facebook events for more info.


(3/25) Pearl Earl, Field Guide, Monk Children, JustNLongorio
@Spinster Records – Psych Pop/Experimental Pop

(3/26) Anwar, Lorelei K, bare mountain, Native Fox, Jesus Chris + The Beetles
@Glorp Studios – Experimental/Lo-fi Pop/Punk

(3/26) Steel Bearing Hand, Orcanaut, Mountain of Smoke, Kaliya
@Lola’s Saloon – Metal

(3/26)  Miracle Worker, Dinner Party, Whimper
@House of Rot – Punk/Emo/Shoegaze

(3/26) Troller, iiLL, Samantha Glass, Orgullo Primitivo
@Yellow Rose Art House – Experimental/Metal

(3/26) Dead To A Dying World, War Party, Thin Skin
@Deep Vellum – Metal/Punk/Noise Rock

(3/30) Wave Swinger, BATHHØUSE, Flesh Narc, Criss Angel Mindfreak
@Rubber Gloves – Experimental/Noise/Darkwave

(4/1) Kallohonka, Wax Ruins, Creepeth
@RBC – Metal

(4/2) Rei Clone, Law of Jante, Rome Hero Foxes, Record Setter, Same Brain
@1919 Hemphill – Shoegaze/Emo Punk/Psych Rock

(4/4) Gouge, Filth, Akkolyte, SSTD
@ RBC – Noise/Punk