Ben Khan – 1992 EP

Ben Khan -1992 EP cover

The emergence of new music is constant; a lot of similar, often shitty songs are produced redundantly without much thought or stimulation put into the work and sent out into the ether. There it is consumed and later forgotten, unless it is something less mediocre. I would argue the emergence of Ben Khan is amongst the less mediocre in the horde of new music coming out. Simply take a listen through his short 1992 EP and explore for yourself.

The idea behind his music, from what is deduced from this selection, is the emphasis of deep electronic instrumentation with cool, nostalgic flares of guitar spread out evenly in between. It is repeatedly noted his sound is reminiscent of Jai Paul, which isn’t a stretch by any means, but at the same time the execution of Khan’s EP is more traditional. The pleasant sounds he creates are reminiscent of 1990s culture, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he forgets to supply something refreshing at the same time. Ben Khan will bath in a cool textures of sound and noise and interestingly make you thirsty for more.

The first major sighting of Ben Khan was an XLR8R repost of his first single “Youth,” also featured on the EP, where these aspects are present and lively. The other three tracks, already published on his soundcloud, were tacked on, thoughtfully adding a fresh taste of pop and soul to what we know now as the idea of Ben Khan as an artist. It’ll be hard to over think Ben Khan; he isn’t misunderstood or quirky in style but simply makes good tunes.