Holy Sons – Decline of the West

RIYL: Why?, Bonnie Prince Billy, Jose Gonzalez, Thinking about the end of the world…

The lone Holy Son Emil Amos is out to deliver a message in this re-release of the 2006 album Decline of the West. Having changed the track list and added four more songs, Holy Sons’ doomsday-oriented lyrics are accompanied by Amos’ diverse and tasteful guitar with a sort of folky feel that is balanced out by a synthetic undertone from a drum machine and overdriven bass. The music and lyrics’ apocalyptic vibe are evident throughout the album and leave the listener with a somewhat paranoid feeling. While the lyrics could be seen as prophetic and inspired, it’s also easy to see how someone would consider it overdone and ludicrous, especially with song titles such as “Satanic Androids”.

This album may not be one that you immediately fall in love with, but I think that it really deserves a full listen through. The more I listened to the album, the more I appreciated the diversity and completeness that Amos put into it. While many albums today are put out with just a few singles and then filler them, this record is a whole piece of work with maybe a couple of songs you won’t find fitting in.


Holy Sons - Decline of the West