The Breeders- Mountain Battles

RIYL: The Pixies (kind of), Guided by Voices, Girl singer from the Pixies, and slow jams

Breeders were an offshoot of the pixies, which consists of Kim the bassist of the aforementioned band, her twin sister, and various other members over time. It is easy to see many resemblances to the Pixies throughout the album, but it is obviously a whole different can of green beans.

This album is overall pretty stale to me. After listening straight through, I was disenchanted by the album. Only a very small amount of songs catch my attention and will have any chance of repeated plays on my computer. Her voice through the entire album seems quite static, leaving a feeling of droning. This may have been what they were going for, but it’s really not to my liking.

The first track, “Overglazed”, which is my personal favorite has a driving beat with repeated line “I can feel it!” which shot my hopes up pretty high for the album. The next track sounds like The Knife, but quite forgettable. “German Studies” the fourth track sounds more Pixies-upbeat-like, yet still is lacking. “Walk it off” is a much better Pixies-ish song, which is followed by the Spanish ballad “Regalame Esta Noche” which is a cute 50’s prom dance song sung in a convincing Spanish Accent.

When the final song was over, I felt quite unimpressed. It wasn’t bad, but it’s definitely something that could be forgotten on most CD racks. If you’re a big fan of The Pixies and Kim Deal, then this album might be just for you. Maybe their older stuff is better, but Mountain Battles won’t be a highlight of this year’s new albums.

[*originally 5.9/10. Changed by the author after further review.]

The Breeders- Mountain Battles