Evangelista – Hello, Voyager

RiYL: Scout Niblett, The Fiery Furnaces, Mayday

To be fair to this album I must admit this really isn’t my typical flavor of music. Carla Bozulich, the lead singer and writer of the band, is a completely new name to me, but from researching the internets I have found that she has been in the music scene for awhile. The music is very spastic and ranges from dawdling ballads to intense industrial rock heart attacks. Always having a dark tinge to it, the album has three highlights in my opinion. <!–more–>

For those of you interested in ambient strings boding through alleys, “For the L’Il Dudes” is very intriguing. The strings blend and morph through the entire length of the song, never showing any sign of hope or glee. On the other side of the spectrum, “Truth is Dark like Outer Space” starts with ambient feedback only to explode in your face with angry sounding vocals and very harsh guitar. Quite bleak and attacking the song lays down a harsh drum beat over extreme guitars. The other song, “Lucky Lucky Luck” has a World Inferno dark circus feel to me. A jazz sounding melodic voice is left alone over a repeating basic bass line.

In the end I can see many people enjoying this; it’s just too much for me. Other than the three songs I talked about I really could not become attached to any of the songs, and would just sit and watch from afar as they play their guitars off time and make funny noises. It’s just not my thing.

-Michael Vaughn

Hello, Voyager