Original Pop Rocks


Whether you call it West Coast Rock, Yacht Rock, or Album-Oriented Rock, the pop-rock tunes of the late-70’s and early-80’s are both exhilarating and explosive. Original Pop Rocks presents songs that combine disco grooves, funky rhythms, pop melodies, rock guitar solos, and big band brass to deliver a thrilling, tasty sound exclusive to this era. At the same time, the station showcases plenty of modern artists who are keeping the action-packed genre alive. Incidentally, the equally-stimulating candies, “Pop Rocks”, made their first run in the country from around 1975 till 1982.

Streaming Mondays from 6PM-9PM

About the DJ:

What we’re playing!

David Allen is a sophomore CS major hailing from Seattle. Having interests in both machine learning and music, he loves to see applications of artificial intelligence in audio technology.