Hora E’ Desenfocao

My mission is to introduce the various sounds of Latin music to the students of UT Dallas through a carefully curated set of tracks by classic and upcoming artists all over the world.

Additionally, the creation of a safe space for marginalized communities is a mission I have for “Hora e’ Desenfocao” due to the number of individuals that I have observed around campus who don’t have somewhere or something to say they are a part of.

Streaming Fridays from 12PM-3PM

About the DJ:

Hi! My name is Noe I am a Business Administration Major here at JSOM, but on Fridays from 12pm-3pm I am the host of Hora E’ Desenfocao here at Radio UTD. Despite not majoring in Art it still plays a major role in my personal life as I’ve always liked to express myself through sketches, painting, and music curation/production. If you ever catch me around campus don’t be afraid to say hi! (I’m usually not in a hurry)

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