Here’s an OK point of view! Everything’s OK is a variety show that will transport you into the minds of Olivia and Khushi. You will encounter a menagerie of topics such as Love, Food, and Mental Health, with a soundtrack of Indian bangers and originals, Hollywood classics, and Rising Artists! Life can be chaotic and confusing, but with a weekly dose of Olivia and Khushi’s optimism, hopefully you’ll be left wanting to conquer life, while dancing and singing, but most importantly knowing Everything’s OK!

Streaming Wednesdays from 3PM-6PM

About the DJ:

What we’re playing!

Olivia (She/Her) is a Junior Psychology major and an Audio Technician at Radio UTD. She is also best friends with Khushi. No, they didn’t know each other in elementary school. The world wouldn’t have been able to handle them together yet.

Khushi (She/Her) is also a Junior majoring in Business Administration and Analytics. She is the Promotions Manager at Radio UTD. She met Olivia, her best friend at Freshman Orientation, and knew the world wouldn’t be the same that day onwards. Every day since then, she knew, the world would became a little more chaotic and a little more stable for both of us.

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