A Theater Near You combines the worlds of music and movies, and brings them both straight to your ears. From Bollywood to cult classics, your hosts, Kara and Tori, along with occasional guests from across the UT Dallas campus, will chat about the movie soundtracks they love and why they love ’em. Then they play those soundtracks and similar songs, without the distraction of the movie to take away from the sound. Tune in to get movie recommendations, hang out with fellow movie nerds, or even just to hear some amazing music!

Streaming Fridays from 3PM-6PM

About the DJ:

KT DJ Pic (2) - Kara Curtis

An international political economy major, Kara watched The Godfather one too many times and joined the pre-law track in the hopes that an Italian mob boss might offer her a job as a consigliere and pay for all of her student loans. When not watching movies where cars explode, Kara can be found at moot court practice, buying vinyls she can’t afford or stealing all of Tori’s food.

After watching Hidden Figures in a physics class in high school, Tori was inspired to pursue a STEM-related career, which is part of the reason why she is now working on a biomedical engineering degree. Tori is a big fan of many genres, as long as there is a good story to be told, and maybe a few explosions or shocking plot twists. Other hobbies of hers include reading, crocheting mushrooms, accumulating plants, and feeding Kara.