Kali Uchis – Red Moon In Venus

RiYL: SZA, Jessie Reyez, Erykah Badu
Recommended Tracks: “Como Te Quiero Yo,” “Endlessly,” “Moonlight”

Kali Uchis knows how to craft positive affirmations into a musical project perfectly. You can tell she intentionally writes in a way that can allow for manifestations to flow through her lyrics seamlessly. You’re bound to run into some good luck after singing along to Red Moon In Venus.

Nature is a common theme throughout the album, with calls to astrology, birds singing, and crickets chirping softly in the background. Uchis finds a beautiful connection between nature and humanity, spending nearly 45 minutes elaborating on the seasons of life. The lead single, “I Wish You Roses,” depicts a healthy conclusion to a relationship. Anyone that finds closure as a necessity will find themselves agreeing with Uchis in this song. Her metaphorical writing allows her to bring love to a sublime level. “My love’s deep as the ocean / Don’t you drown on me / Just know any love I gave you / Is forever yours to keep.” Though a great representative for the album, “I Wish You Roses” is not the strongest single of the two that were released. “Moonlight” instantly caught the attention of her audience. Uchis voice is sultry enough to put listeners in a trance on this pop-funk track. Red Moon In Venus is all about this feminine connection to the moon: using the universe to find comfortability in one’s femininity and finding the perfect someone to explore it with.

“Endlessly” gives us another taste of Uchis’ groovy side. This is by far one of my favorite pieces from her. It represents all that’s good and healthy in a relationship. Though it’s scary giving your all to your partner, Uchis does not hesitate in devoting herself, as she knows it’s the best way to keep the partnership going. The first verse leaves no room for confusion; “‘Cause me, I’m the type you’ll want make your wife / Once you had this, you’ll need it for life.” Uchis knows her worth and refuses to be with anyone that doesn’t recognize that.

There is strong irony in “Moral Conscience” being the next song. Uchis makes a dramatic switch with this haunting track. Knowing the artist, the runtime of three minutes and thirty-three seconds is no mistake. “333” often represents harmony and guidance by the universe, and Uchis knows karma will do all the work for her. The contrast between “Moral Conscience” and “Endlessly” gives us a truthful perspective on how unpredictable life can be; one day you’ve found the love of your life, and the next you’re waiting for them to meet their fate.

“Not Too Late (interlude)” bridges the gap between the honeymoon phase and the rocky moments as time goes on. Uchis becomes so vulnerable in this piece that it feels like we’re in the room with her and her lover in the middle of an argument. It is the perfect use of an interlude, causing listeners to pause and feel the tone shift. Next with “Blue,” Uchis takes a break from the lighter side of relationships and pop sounds by dipping into jazz. “See I’m praying God will send me an angel / Will the angels bring me back to you?” This beautiful partnership that she spent the majority of the album building has now gone through some rough patches, as she sings about all that she’d miss if she didn’t have this love.

Uchis is known for her dedication to her collaborators. In an interview on REAL 92.3, Uchis made it clear that working with other artists is a privilege for her, and she sees no point in asking for money in return; the magic that is created in these projects is enough for her. Red Moon In Venus gives us familiar features by Omar Apollo and Don Toliver, but we see something new in “Deserve Me” with Summer Walker. The R&B track signifies the blessing of choosing oneself over anyone that does not see their worth. Having another female artist join her on this project helps reinforce this theme of solidarity that’s shown throughout. 

Though Red Moon In Venus just came out earlier this month, Uchis has already begun teasing another album. Fans have been begging for more songs in Spanish, and Uchis plans to deliver. I would love to see a 4th studio album that mirrors this installment as it was written around the same time, but we will have to wait patiently and see what the artist has in store.

Kali Uchis – Red Moon In Venus
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