As autumn soon approaches and more and more leaves seem to appear on the ground each morning, seasonal depression is right around the corner. As someone who’s favorite season is summer and thrives in the heat, this is the worst time of year: being forced to accept the changing of the seasons and succumb to mother natures never ending cycle of change. It never gets easier to say goodbye to summer. The past couple years, however, music has helped in adjusting to the changing season. Mood setting… if you will.

When it comes to fall music, the first thing I think of is psychedelic rock. Something about the gritty sounding vocals and hypnotic guitar riffs just scream autumn, especially the songs that have to do with magic or anything whimsical. In order to help everyone adjust to the changing of the seasons and hopefully postpone some seasonal depression, here are 10 songs to add to your monthly playlist that just scream autumn.


The Chocolate Watchband – Are You Gonna Be There (At The Love In)

Best paired with: An afternoon snack to get some pep back in your step

This experimental track combines the roughness of garage punk with the smooth melodies of psychedelic rock to create the perfect blend of grit and soul. While the track might be a bit scratchy, it exudes soul and feeling down to the last second. A much more energetic song compared to some of the others on the list, so this song can definitely help give a little bit of motivation for those who struggle with burnout this time of year. This song perfectly matches the feeling of changing seasons, and is a must add to any autumn monthly playlist! 

St. John Green – Devil And The Sea

Best paired with: A fall scented candle on a cold autumn night

This song exudes autumn through its spooky lyrics and slightly frightening tone. St. John Green tells the story of a lost soul being called back to hell, leaving anticipation on each line of the song. Every time it comes into my shuffled playlists, it takes me to a crackling fire pit on a cold autumn night – the perfect setting for scary stories. A definite go-to for anyone trying to set a frightening mood for Halloween or the coming autumn months.

The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band – Smell of Incense

Best paired with: Musky incense and a good book

A little more elegant than the preceding tracks, “Smell of Incense” provides a soothing tone to usher in the changing of the leaves. Whisper-like vocals, hypnotic guitar melodies, and smooth baselines make the perfect combination to relax in your room, burn some incense, and fully take in the autumn air. A relaxing song that slowly fades into the background, yet leaves a calm feeling washed over the listener once it concludes.

The Pretty Things – Cries from the Midnight Circus

Best paired with: Long scenic drives to see the autumn leaves

By combining deep bass riffs and gritty vocals, The Pretty Things welcome the fall season with this hypnotic track. Subtle clacking of a maraca can be heard during certain parts of the song, creating an eerie vibe perfect for this time of the year. You can definitely rock out to this song a bit, but there are also great moments to let loose and groove with the funky beat. Definitely a fun spooky song for those who prefer to usher in fall with more of an eerie tone, rather than a fun and upbeat one.

The Electric Prunes – I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night)

Best paired with: Bitter morning coffee and sweatpants

This eerie and upbeat song is the perfect blend of 60’s psychedelic and early garage rock. Creepy brass notes in the back and the subtle shaking of the tambourine come together to create a song that’s both creepy and fun at the same time. A great song to start off your day off with; smooth and upbeat, but not too jarring for those who aren’t morning people.

Felt – World

Best paired with: Oversized sweaters and dancing in your room

The juxtaposition of sweet sounding harmonies and sudden jumps to gritty guitar riffs perfectly captures the atmosphere of the changes of autumn. Freezing in the early hours of the morning and the sweltering heat of the morning are seen through jumps between rhythms and tempos in this song. However, these jumps make for a perfect oldies classic to jam out to in order to avoid that crumby autumn feeling just a little longer. A perfect song to let loose to and let your body relax and follow the hypnotic rhythm. 

Nektar – Remember The Future, Pt. 1

Best paired with: Late nights and existential thoughts

This extremely long track turns 4 songs into one long jam session. It’s the perfect song to put on and relax while watching the seasons pass by out the window. Taking listeners through highs and lows, Nektar takes listeners to question both their identity and their society around them, making for a truly introspective song. A must listen for anyone wanting to pass the time by just a little faster and go on a deep journey into the soul with Nektar.

The Remains – Don’t Look Back

Best paired with: Early morning walks to class

This bluesy psychedelic rock song perfectly captures the feeling of autumn in the air. The gritty vocals of The Remains resemble that of old iconic Halloween songs from the 50’s and 60’s, making this a perfect song for the fall season. Get up and dance to these groovy guitar riffs and let smooth harmonies sweep you away with this psychedelic tune.

Magic Mixture – Living On a Hill

Best paired with: A hearty meal with autumn flavors and your favorite blanket

With this slow hypnotic song, you can kiss away all of your worries about the changing of the seasons and properly usher in the autumn season. This song takes you away from this reality and off to another one, but in a way that you almost don’t even realize it. This tranquil song is a great mood-setter for the more still and calm moments of fall, so relax and let Magic Mixture take away all of your worries about the changing of the leaves.

The Peanut Butter Conspiracy – Living, Loving Life

Best paired with: Playing in the autumn leaves with friends

Psychedelic and groovy harmonies come together to create a witch-like tune from this song by The Peanut Butter Conspiracy. A great late night tune for this fall season to relax the night away with. This song creates a sense of wonder for the world and life itself, so let it guide you and make the most out of autumn this year!