Nonlocal Forecast – Bubble Universe!

RiYL: Oneohtrix Point Never, Crying, CYBEREALITYライフ
Recommended Tracks: “Celestial Nervous System”, “The Direct Path”, “Classical Information”

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RIDGE RACER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


“R4: Ridge Racer Type 4 (Ridge Racer Type 4 in Europe) is a racing video game developed and published by Namco for the PlayStation…It is the first Ridge Racer series game on the PlayStation to use Gouraud shading on polygons…R4: Ridge Racer Type 4 Direct Audio is the soundtrack to the game, …and was composed in 1998 by the Namco Sound Team…The new team was a change from the usual rave music theme…R4 instead explored music styles encompassing funk, breakbeat, acid jazz, UK garage, progressive house, and neo-soul mixed with traditional Namco-styled synth melodies.” -Wikipedia


i love play rid racer. i play rid racer with my hands and make car go VROOMVROOM and i say “GET MOVE OUT MY WAY MY CAR GO.” when car go fast music go fast and loud. i like music when go fast and big and fun. music go big and like colors splash on scren. i hear big bells and drum and guitar go “WOOOOWWWWWW SQUAWK SQUAWK WWOOOWOWOWOW” and i have fun. music go like car; car not go fast at first but get fast after car get warmed up and ready and music do too. rid racer help me see that music like car! BOTH FUN AND I LIKE IT

bubbles is fun and i like imagine music that be like bubble. BLUBLUBLUB say music and it go up and into the sky like a bubble do. what if car go via bubble??????? like car made power from bubbles, like bubble go BLUBLUBLUB and make car go VROOMVROOM. maybe in the future. maybe in future car go from bubble and bubble renewable resource. imagine!!!!!! fun time in future; when bubble make things go it make people have fun. happy future bubble universe. this music that sound like bubble make me imagine fun bubble future world. bubble fun = music fun = universe fun

ykno Fire-Toolz make bubble music. well no Fire-Toolz but same person who Fire-Toolz make bubbble music as new name, name Nonlocal Forecast. like weather i think. bubble weather! bubble clouds, bubble rain, bubble photosynthesis! i think name Nonlocal Forecast bc weather like not weather that is here on real world. weather on bubble world! nonlocal. so but yes bubble music like very frantic & fun and like bubble, with synth bouncing like bouncy balls and bell sound bing bong and guitar (but like computer guitar like sound artificial and not like big strong 70s man play guitar but like robot play) and it sound like fun play future world with no problems and vroomvroom bubble cars!

nonlocal forecast: electronic MIDI new age/jazz fusion/ambient/world music/prog rock. themed in quantum physics and nondual spirituality.”

clouds made of bubble! pools we swim in bubbles! buildings made of–no wait…made FROM power of bubble!! bubble universe the future. bubble universe need no have government. no fascism fear in bubble universe! bubble make economic socialist wonderland. everyone get bubble! YOU GET BUBBLE! YOU GET BUBBLE!!!!! Aaaand YOU GET BUBBLE!!!!!!!!!! bubble eradicate poverty. with bubble everyone eat well and live happy. maybe me asking too much of bubble but fun to think. like video game. game imagine things not here in real life. imagine bubble game with fun bubble cars and fun bubble music!!! i think YES.

bubble universe music sometime go bleep bloop or ding dong or maybe even pling plong but mostly go BOOMBOOM BLUBLUBLUB. bubble universe music diverse and eclectic. sometime slow or sleepy like bubble lullaby but also sometime PUMP YOU UP time like workout music or vroomvroom car race. all time fun!! bubble universe music know when to be quiet and when to be loud. no time i lose interest in bubble universe time music time. even 40 minute time! all fun time all the time in the bubble universe. Angel Marcloid do good w beautiful bubble music that no one think make before!

virtual utopia! enhancement opportunity! waveform evolution and development! all thank to BUBBLE. perfect robot machine world feat. bubbles. try today! see results! VROOMVROOM!

Nonlocal Forecast - Bubble Universe!
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