With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s extremely important to have a set of songs to truly express to your partner how you really feel. I know what you might be thinking; listening solely to sad-indie music, lyric-vacant EDM, or the most love-devoid and heaviest metal music, you might be at a loss for some tracks to send your sweetheart’s way! Lucky for you, we’ve curated a set of love songs for your romantic day with your partner. Let love fill the air and fall head-over-heels for these 10 songs that are SURE to make your significant other fall in love with you all over again.               ❤                           ❤                                                     ❤

10) “Please come to Boston” by David Allen Coe                   ❤
       “I’m the number 1 fan of the man from Tennessee”                                      ❤
      ❤                                       ❤       
Kicking off this list is a country song that may be the most romantic song ever created, all about what home really means: not a place, but with a person. One all about the “no matter where you go, home is always with me” aspect of love. Coe reminds us all that be it a mansion or a trailer, as long is its with your significant other, it’s home.            ❤

9) “Cannibal Queen” by Miniature Tigers                                    ❤
       “Not a test or an SOS”                                  ❤
❤                                     ❤                                                                     ❤
For all the peoples who have significant others that stick around when they don’t have to. Miniature Tigers craft a song all around the message “I know I’m not the best, but I’m glad you love me and I love you.” Regardless of the reason of the path you’ve walked, your significant other still stands by you. That’s what love is.                  ❤              

8) “I love you baby, I love you doll” by Parekh and Singh           ❤
❤                                                ❤
       “Times may get tough but my heart won’t change at all”                                 ❤
❤                                    ❤                                           ❤
A song that shows what a ton of people have a problem with, conveying that they still love their significant other Regardless of how long you’ve been with your significant other Parekh and Singh have perfectly crafted a song thats says “I may not always say I love you, but I always do.” Love is tough, but your significant other is there to help you down it’s narrow path. Parekh and Singh have a song that can help you say something that you many not say often enough.          ❤                           

7) “Little Spoon” by Andrew Blodgett                              ❤                             ❤                                    ❤
       “I love you to the moon”                         ❤
     ❤                                                                                                      ❤
Written by one of UTD ’s own, Blodgett conveys the simplistic idea of love. With this song, it’s hard to hear and not think of your significant other with a smile on your face. From start to end this song reminds you of a lackadaisical indie movie ending where the two main characters smile and hold each other as the credits roll.           ❤

6) “Rollercoaster” by Bleachers                     ❤                                      ❤
       “Those endless nights that we traveled we stole”                       ❤
❤                                                   ❤
This speaks to the fact that love doesn’t have a linear path. It has ups and downs and sometimes isn’t easy to do, but you keep going because…… well you love them. This is about someone that takes you to the edge; that thrill of love someone that whenever your with you feel that rush only a rollercoaster can give you. They may not be the best for you, but there no doubt that whenever you’re with them there’s never a dull moment.      ❤

5) “Ooh” by Jon Bellion            ❤                                                     ❤           
❤                                                                       ❤                                                      
       “You’re from the sky past our view of space”                                                  ❤
❤                                                      ❤
For anyone who has ever loved literally anything and everything about their significant other. Making the most mundane things worth doing as long as it is with them. Bellion has captured that feeling of pure love for another human.                       ❤

4) “Valentine” by Atlas             ❤                                           ❤ 
               ❤                                                                                                    ❤ 
       “You’re the ice that’s glistening inside my cup of tea, which is also you… interesting”
                                        ❤                                       ❤                            
This song truly speaks for itself; a short song that expresses the reason your significant other is your significant other. From start to finish, this lo-fi rap song is all business, and Atlas does not beat around the bush about how much this romantic intimacy means to him. This is simply a song that just has a very ‘Atlas’ way of saying “I love you”.          ❤ 

3) “24/7/365” by Surfaces          ❤                                                   ❤
❤                                                             ❤
       “You’re Mr. Wrong, I’m Mrs. Right”                                      ❤
❤                                                                         ❤
All about that mystery couple, the person that seems to be at every party and you don’t know how or why they are with you but you’re lucky they are. Describing the night these two met, Surfaces leads the listener down a lyrical path of a night of love.              ❤       

2) “Stay” by The Hails                     ❤                                              ❤                                                   ❤
       “I like it when you go, but I love it when you stay”                                        ❤     
  ❤                                                                              ❤ 
This song is for all those couples that are making the distance work, be it only a 40 minute drive or a 4 hour one. This song shows that even if they can’t be with them physically they are always on your mind. Maybe its someone who stayed closer to home than you did, or someone who went the distance. The Hails show you a song all about bettering yourself and not letting your situation get in the way of being with your significant other.                                  ❤                                                ❤ 

1) “You and I” by Ingrid Michaelson            ❤                                              ❤
       “We will put the lonesome on the shelf”                  ❤ 
 ❤                                                 ❤                                                     ❤ 
A love song for the ages; this song just screams wholesome love. From the lyrics to melody, this song is one you want to hear with your significant other wrapped in your arms, all nice and cozy. Michaelson perfectly crafts a song about what most people want to do with their significant others: Live a full, love filled life with the person that they care deeply about and one that cares about them. ❤

Are you still looking for more songs? Are you still looking for love? The perfect solution to both of those problems is the RadioUTD Valentine’s Day Mixtape Swap on 2/13. Click here for more info on the event, and feel free to include any of these lovely tracks on your  mixtape! We would LOVE to see you there ❤