Rei Clone

This anime shoegaze band will blow your ears out and you'll love every minute

We had the pleasure of hosting Denton-based anime shoegaze group Rei Clone at our studio! The self-described “Otaku tinged Punk-gaze” group is a unique gem — especially if you love anime and fuzzy rock (and great banter on their Facebook page). The first song I heard from them was “Yuki” and was struck by how genuine the song was – you can feel the beautiful layers of vocals, fuzzy guitars, bass, percussion, and of course the undeniable electric violin. This remains true for the rest of their discography and their intimate shows.The group started in 2015 and released their first self-titled album in Dec. 2015 followed by their second album Wet in Aug. 2017. Rei Clone can be found throughout the Denton and Dallas area for one-of-a-kind house shows or even at the Texas Theatre. Check out their bandcamp for their newest single Honey Pop, released in February. – Sarina Mak, “Sweet ‘n Low” DJ

Local Music Director, Folk Ain't a Joke